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  • Soft and sensitve with unique rubber coating at palm, open back provides flexibiliv & dexterity
  • Seamless knitted polycotton liner increases user comfoft & absorbsp erspintion
  • Rubber coating with cinkle finish provides excellent grip
  • Available in natural rubber and nifile coating (nitrile coating gives a better oil resistance especially when handling oily mechanical parts in factory maintenance)
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Article No. Material Type Length/mm Thickness/mm Size Color EN388 CE Category
DGNRC 1 Natural rubber Supported Polycotton 230 - 260 >1.7 S, M, L, XL Blue, Gree, Orange, Black 3242 2

Features and benefits
Soft and sensitive grip with unique rubber coating at palm. Open back styling provides excellent flexibility and ventilation. Seamless knitted polycotton liner enhanced comfort and absorbs perspiration. The rubber coating is designed with crinkle finish that channels water away during handling and provides excellent grip.

Building and construction, warehousing, refuse collection, baggage handling, scaffolding, gardening.